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Tour Report Schildkrötengrat, Klein Bielenhorn (2940 m)

On the Schildkrötengrat at Klein Bielenhorn, we have filmed our first and most successful drone video so far.

This is no surprise, since the region is filled with bizarre rock formations and wild cliffs.


The Schildkrötengrat is a well-secured multi-pitch climbing tour in the 4. Grade, suitable for beginners. If there is snow and the route is climbed with heavy mountaineering boots turns out to be a little more difficult. In any case, breathtaking beauty awaits everybody who decides to enter the route.


To reach the Schildkrötengrat, one either starts at the Furkapass or the parking space calles Sidelenbach. Following the marked trail, the Sidelen hut is reached after around 1 hour of hiking. The Klein Bielenhorn is hereby already visible. A the Sidelen hut, the landmarks of the region, rock formations that strongly resemble camels show themselves. And indeed, they are called Grosses Kamel and Kleine Kamel (German for big and small camel).


The Schildkrötengrat is the ridge leading from the hut to the summit. The entry point, however, is not found at the very bottom of the ridge, but can be reached following the marked trail (white-blue-white) towards Untere Bielenlücke. After around 20 minutes of hiking, a big cairn on the right side of the trail marks the entry point of the climb. From there, the bolted route leads to the summit, mostly in the 3. and maximally in the 4. Degree on the French climbing scale.


From the summit, it is possible to descend in a few minutes to the Untere Bielenlücke. Form there a hiking trail leads back to the Sidelen.


  • Region: Uri

  • Date: October, 13, 2019

  • Difficulty: 4b

  • Route: Furkapass – Sidelen hut – entry point Schildkrötengrat – Klein Bielenhorn – Sidelen hut - Furkapass.

  • Time to summit: advance: ca. 1 h 30 min, climbing 2-2.5 h, descent: 1h 20 min.

  • Vertical meters: 500 m

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