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Tour Report Gross Achslenstock (2175 m)

In the mountaineering community on social media, the Gross Achslenstock has drawn quite some attention due to its remarkable shape. Seen from the north, the colossus is boldly pointing its rocky warning finger into the sky. What the mountain is trying to draw our attention to remains a secret. Does it warn the brave mountaineer from the danger found ascending it?

The tour starts at Unter Riedmattli in Muotatal, reachable by car. Following the marked hiking trail, Alp Rotenbalm is reached quickly. From there the steep flanks between Gross Achlsenstock and Klein Achslenstock have to be conquered without a trail.


The Gross Achslenstock looks inaccessible from all sides. Its summit lofty thrones over steep cliffs, as if the mountain wanted to protect itself from the common hiker. It seem to select its visitors carefully.


It's weakest point is found on its west side, between its summit and the summit of Klein Achslenstock. There, a grassy ledge can be climbed (T6 II) while securing being difficult. Following this ledge, an impressive funnel-like steep grass flank is reached. Climbing directly through (T5+) allows access to the summit rocks. However, the highest point is not the afore mentioned warning finger, but is found a few meter north of it.


For descent, the same route is taken as for ascent. If one wants to admire the mountain from its side most beautiful and most popular for photographers, as described above, it is worthwhile to visit the unnamed lake between Gross Achslenstock and Rupperslauistöckli.




  • Region: Schwyz

  • Date: March, 28, 2021

  • Difficulty: T6 II

  • Route: Muotathal, Unter Riedmattli – Alp Rotenbalm – gras ledge on the west side of Gross Achslenstock – Gross Achslenstock – Unter Riedmattli.

  • Time to summit: ca 3 h.

  • Vertical meters: 1100 m

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